Jalal Suliman Alowibdi


Jalal S Alowibdi
 Associate Professor
Department of
College of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Jeddah
Phone: 0126952000 Ext. 74207
Email: jalowibdi@uj.edu.sa



In 2014, I have completed my Ph. D. in computer Science from the Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering, University of Illinois. During my studied, I worked closely with Dr. Ugo A. Buy, Prof. Philip S. Yu and Prof. Bing Liu on various Complex problems in data mining and privacy in social networks. The main problem, in which there is no solution, yet, is to detect deception in Online Social Networks (OSNs) such as Twitter. I worked mainly in detect deception in OSNs.

My professional goal is to be a good representative researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Big Data . My research interests centered primarily around Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Analytic and Privacy in OSNs. In particular, I am interested in privacy and classification in OSNs, information retrieval, collaborative learning, methodologies and processes for classifying, evaluating and comparing data information in order to predict patterns that lead to useful information. In addition, I am interested in disruptive data and effects on society and analysis. All in All, I am interested in making useful Data Information from Data Information. I am very motivative and eager to learn. My concept is to read a lot specifically your interests, record every single idea comes to your mind, open your wise mind, think thoroughly in positive manner, answer a questionable question with thinkable and imaginable view, motivate and trust your ideas and yourself. 


  • 2008 : Master degree from Department of Software Engineering, College of Computing, DePaul University, شيكاغو, امــريــكـا
  • 2014 : Doctorate degree from Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering, University of Illinois, شيكاغو, امــريــكـا


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    CPCS 223 : Analysis and Design Algorithms
    CSIS 382 : E-System Development
    CPCS 331 : Artificial Intelligence


    Contact Info:
    • Office Phone: 0126952000 Ext. 74207
    • Email : jalowibdi@uj.edu.sa
    • Email2 : jalowibdi@kau.edu.sa
    • URL : http://jalowibdi.uj.edu.sa/